Kresge Pool

Home of the Vassar College men’s and women’s swimming and diving program, Kresge Pool is a six-lane swimming pool with a four-foot movable bulkhead and a diving well equipped with 1-meter and 3-meter diving boards. The pool is adjacent to the athletic training facility and the men’s and women’s locker rooms. The pool is open to the Vassar College community daily for open swim. Additional programming, such as physical education classes, VC swim lessons and competitive swim technique clinics, is offered as well.


VC Pool Facility Rental

Bruce Gillman, Director of Facilities

VC Group Swim Lessons

Offered September-October and April-May
2 sessions of 4-week lessons, 2 nights/week
Lisl Prater-Lee, VC Swim Coach

VC Competitive Swim Technique Clinics

Offered Wednesday evenings, 4-5 times per academic year
Lisl Prater-Lee, VC Swim Coach

VC Swim Camp

Offered last week of June into July
More detail about swim camps

American Red Cross Aquatics Education/Certification Classes

More information will be posted when available
Daniel Decker, Asst Swimming & Diving Coach

Walker Fields House south view.
Walker Fields House south view.



  • Lifeguard’s authority is final on all issues. These rules are designed for your safety. Any inappropriate actions, problems or injuries should be reported immediately to the lifeguard and Jon Martin at (845) 837-5344.
  • Admittance: 16 years or older, unless accompanied and supervised by an attentive adult on the deck and in the water.
  • Lap swimming: has priority in all lanes except #1.
  • Children: under age 6 must have a parent with them at all times-please educate and be attentive of children.
  • Inexperienced swimmers: be aware of limitations and take precautions to prevent injury.
  • Attire: Swimsuits are required (cut-offs are not permitted). Street clothes are not permitted in the pool.


  • Swimming proficiency: Children 17 and younger must demonstrate swimming proficiency each semester and summer to the lifeguard or have a parent in the water with them at ALL times.
    • Skill 1: Swim 25 yards of crawl, backstroke or a combination without stopping or holding onto the lane line or wall.
    • Skill 2: Tread water for 30 seconds (head must be kept above water surface for entire time).
    • Skill 3: Survival float for 1 minute (not treading water or struggling to keep body near the surface).
    • Those who pass are recorded in the Lifeguard Manual.
  • Diving from pool deck: Only in water over 8 feet deep.
  • Starting blocks: Use exclusively reserved for members and coaches of the Varsity Swimming and Diving team.
  • Flotation devices: (i.e. rafts, floaties) is strictly prohibited.
  • Toys: The use of any toys or other items in the pool will be left to the discretion of the lifeguard on duty.
  • Dont’s:
    No running on the pool deck or in the locker room.
    No hanging or standing on lane lines.
    No swimming under the bulkhead.


  • Shower before entering the pool deck.
  • No street shoes are permitted on the pool deck.
  • No food or drinks are permitted on pool deck.
  • Children who are not potty-trained should wear waterproof diapers or plastic, leak-proof coverings over regular diapers while using the pool.

Diving Boards

  • Diving well is only open when two lifeguards are on duty.
  • Use of the high dive is exclusively reserved for members and coaches of the Varsity Swimming and Diving team.
  • No hanging from the end of board.
  • Only one bounce is permitted before jumping.
  • Swim to the edge of pool after jumping.
  • Particular dives and stunts are at the discretion of the lifeguard on duty.

Equipment Use

  • Kickboards, pull buoys, aqua belts, etc. are for training purposes only, not to substitute for lack of swimming skills/ability.
  • Running belts, fins, etc. must be rinsed with fresh water before returning.
  • Return all equipment to proper place, whether on pool deck or in equipment room.